Corporate Board

Cheryl Perrero

Founder/CEO and President

Cheryl Perrero is a graduate of Xavier University and has spent most of her career in the surgical device industry. She spent close to 14 years with Ethicon and Johnson and Johnson and just under 4 years with American Medical Systems. Working in surgical devices, Cheryl developed a passion for training and education. She was part of over 35 new product introductions across many surgical specialities, and consistently identified unmet needs for training and education. Her dedication led to developments of new protocols and the design of key training centers. Cheryl has received over 22 awards throughout her career and is the Founder of The International Academy of Pelvic Surgery.

Cheryl’s foresight for these unmet needs guided her vision for The International Academy of Pelvic Surgery. She founded IAPS in January, 2010 and serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

John R. Miller

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President

Also a graduate of Xavier University, John has over 20 years of professional experience in the medical communications field. He has played pivotal roles in developing comprehensive education platforms and launching marketing campaigns for regional hospital systems and global medical device manufacturers. Beyond his duties on the IAPS corporate board, John also is the Founder & President of Synapse Multimedia, an award-winning video production agency based in Cincinnati, OH.